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The Importance of a Videographer in Your Wedding

         Some may even say that they cannot afford to hire a wedding videographer for their wedding and are just contented in letting a relative to video the whole event. Of course you will need to consider that you invited your relative to your wedding not to be your designated videographer, but to enjoy the festivities. So better look for a professional who will handle capturing those great moments of your wedding. Wedding videography is one of those businesses today that has been greatly benefiting from the current changes in technology. The equipment has become much better when it comes to quality, the handling of the camera, and the available it offers to any type of wedding environment. Comparing to its life before when Super VHS cameras where the main type of camera in the industry and the editing decks has come expensive, but still limited with what they can do. Today those who are in the profession of videography take advantage of the use of a digital camera and a digital editor.

        When choosing a videographer who will take videos of you wearing your custom bridal jewelry, you will need to choose a videographer with the right equipment, great personality, and of course someone that comes with a good price. Your budget is a great factor to achieving the right wedding. You will have countless of expenses and hundreds of choices to what will happen and what you intend to prioritize. 

       Sometimes people spend too much on their photographer, but they forget their videographer. And to be honest, this is not a good choice. Of course having a professional wedding photographer to take your pictures will also let you reminisce about your special day, but it would still be easier to recollect great memories by watching what exactly happened at that day. You will just play your DVD and you can go back to what happened during your big day. You will be able to see you, your bridesmaids wearing their pearl bridesmaid jewelry set dancing at your favorite tune. You will see old friends and how happy they are that they played a part on your wedding. If you have some close friends and relatives who were not able to attend to your wedding, you can just simply send them a copy of your wedding on DVD so they can enjoy the event at their own home. Your videographer can also make a photo montage on DVD or VHS which are also popular to send to relatives. Equipment is also a necessity when choosing the right videographer. Brides have to beware that there are still some videographers who are still using the old VHS cameras and still charging high for their services. 

       The standard equipment nowadays for videographers is a three chip digital DV camera. DV format is considered the best nowadays and digital is always better than using analog. The three chip means the inside of the camera having three separate computer chip that split up the visual spectrum and helps in creating a sharper vibrant images.

And of course with everything regarding your wedding, always keep up with your wedding budget. Always hire a professional that is knowledgeable, and offers a reasonable price, and someone that you can be comfortable with. After all, this video will soon be seen by your future kids and even by your grand kids.

Author Bio: Lisa Manilow writes articles on weddings, jewelry, fashion, and etiquette for Silverland Jewelry & Gifts.

Should you have a friend record your project?

Their are no do over's with wedding & other video project. "

So here is a list of cons for not using a professional.

1. Your video project will never look like a professional creation, more like a home movie.

2. Your friend will edit with a second hand video software on a slow computer.

3. They may accidentally delete some of your footage.

4. They don't use pro level equipment.

5. Never mix business with friends or family.

Their are many other reasons why to use a professional. Just don't be the one to add to the list.

Use a Pro.


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